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A Wake-Up Call for Christians

Is it possible to get through to Christians who are disengaged from politics, uninformed and choose to ignore the fact our nation is racing full throttle on the highway to hell? I’m talking about good, well-meaning people, but ones who are infected with a misguided belief Christians don’t need to concern themselves over politics because “God’s in control”.

Of course, He watches over us and He’s there if we call on Him, but remember, man was created with free will, so human history is not predetermined. In the Garden of Eden, we saw how Adam and Eve’s exercise of their free will sent human history swerving down a path God never intended. Mankind’s future is still in our hands today. So God expects us to hold up our end of the bargain and use our free will wisely by taking personal responsibility, educating ourselves with the truth and making informed decisions.

I was recently surprised to discover some Christians actually believe God put Obama into office, so anyone who questions or criticizes his actions is guilty of “blatant disrespect” and the sin of “being judgmental”.

Yeah? So then, following that logic, God must have had something to do with putting into positions of authority the likes of:  Mao Tse Tung, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and Ivan the Terrible, along with the other evil mass-murderer dictators throughout history? No way!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, take off those rose-colored glasses, flip to Exodus 20:13 and read out loud:  “You shall not murder.” (NIV)

Just as God had nothing to do with putting wicked tyrants into power, he had no part in placing a man into public office known to be the most ardent, pro-abortion President, ever, and whose actions as an Illinois state senator enabled doctors and nurses to legally commit the heinous crime of infanticide. Surely you’ve heard of brutal, excruciatingly painful ‘late term’ or ‘partial birth’ and ‘born alive’ abortions? Maybe not.

In late term or partial birth abortions, the living baby is stabbed in the skull and his brains are siphoned out. A born alive abortion means the baby survived the attempt to kill him in the womb and would live. That is, except for being either deliberately neglected and left to die or killed in cold blood by medical personnel.

Christians, pull your heads out of the sand and open your eyes. This isn’t a “choice”, it’s the murder of innocents.

To close our eyes, especially to ugly truths, is not Godly.

There’s a difference between God’s job of judging a person’s heart and ours to judge a candidate’s political actions. We aren’t determining the person’s eternal fate, but to the contrary, only whether or not they are fit to sit in a position of power and lead our nation. Matthew 7:1-5, in context, permits judging, after we have first judged ourselves and are right with God.

Did you get that? First, we must judge ourselves and get right with God.

As Paul writes (I Corinthians 6:2-3 NIV):  “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!”

Yes! God expects us to use good judgement. In order to exercise good judgement, one must judge. Look past the window dressing, the sound bites, the slick ads… and become a truth seeker. Don’t be afraid to hold those in positions of power accountable. If we fail to do so, we will be judged accordingly.

A wise man once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” As Christians, it is our duty and moral responsibility to wake-up, exercise our good judgement and cast an informed vote.

Bear Grease on the Slippery Slope

Certainly, it is the duty of a school district to ensure student safety and a bully-free environment conducive to learning.  Merrill’s anti-bullying policy already includes prohibitions on cyber-bullying for both students and employees, as do most others.  Should such an incident occur, the complaint is referred to  appropriate law enforcement agencies.  Senate Bill 427, is an unnecessary and unwarranted trespass by the state into the authority of local school boards.

The requirement in SB427 of school districts to prepare annual bullying reports only adds another layer of bureaucracy while increasing the paperwork burden through the tracking and compiling of this data – along with increased costs – so becomes another unfunded mandate.

Exactly what constitutes “appropriate responses to bullying that occurs off school grounds”? Public schools have no legal authority over students off-campus, and especially not in  the privacy of a student’s home, using their own computer. Yet this bill would begin to blur that line.  Whose job is it to determine if the so-called bullying incident “infringes on the rights of the pupil”, especially when the bill’s authors seek to lower the threshold of what behavior constitutes an illegal bullying incident?

“Section 6. 947.0125 (3) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:  947.0125 (3) (a) With intent to harass, annoy, or offend another person, sends a message to the person on an electronic mail or other computerized communication system or posts a message electronically where other persons can view the message and in that sent or posted message uses any obscene, lewd, or profane language or suggests any lewd or lascivious act.”–excerpt from Wisconsin 2011 Senate Bill 427, proposed new language in bold text

Per state law, Wisconsin Statute 947.0125(3)(a) indicates it only takes an “intent to harass, annoy, or offend another person” and if “profane language” is used, the standard is met to consider such actions criminal bullying. Because current statutory language reads:  “…any obscene, lewd, or profane language or suggests any lewd or lascivious act.” instead of “…and suggests”, the inclusion of a swear word in an internet communication can become an illegal act. SB427 further compounds the senselessness of this law by elevating the act of posting such a message to the internet – without directing it any particular person – a new crime! The Class B forfeiture is punishable by a fine up to $1,000. How absurd!

If what a person says online can be controlled to the extent of declaring profane or lewd comments which annoy or offend another as illegal, why limit it to electronic or computerized means of communication? What about speech exercised during protests? Couldn’t the noise and chanting be considered annoying and some of the messages voiced, offensive?

Will SB427 mark the beginning of the end for free speech on the internet?

It’s only when we protect the free speech rights of those with whom we may disagree that we remain free. SB427 adds bear grease to an already slippery slope towards the elimination of free speech for all.

It should be pointed out SB427 wouldn’t just affect students and it really isn’t about cyber-bullying, either. Clearly, it is a back-door attempt to abridge everyone’s right to free speech on the internet. This unconstitutional bill was introduced by Wisconsin State Senators Tim Cullen, Spencer Coggs, Tim Carpenter, Jon Erpenbach, Lena Taylor, Jessica King, Dale Schultz, Fred Risser, Neal Kedzie and our own Jim Holperin. Cosponsors are  Representatives Joe Knilans, Chris Taylor, Mark Pocan, Robert Turner, Anthony Staskunas, Janis Ringhand, Amy Loudenbeck, Sandy Pasch and Sondy Pope-Roberts.

Will SB427 mark the beginning of the end for free speech on the internet? I provided testimony against SB427 at last week’s Senate hearing in Madison and   encourage readers to likewise exercise their right to free speech in contacting these Wisconsin legislators, asking them to withdraw support. Also, please contact your state Senator urging a “NO” vote on SB427 and a redraft of  Statutes 947.0125 to protect free speech.